Artist: Sly One
Track: Come To Mine

What’s up chillfishies?

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks but here’s another post for you guys! It’s for those who like some chill beats with a bit more power to it.
I really love the contrast between the mellow vocals & ambient sounds and the bass. I got it from this great channel called Eton Messy, for all your electronic dance music needs!

Anyway, enjoy the music & make sure you check out the channel if you haven’t already


Big Tuna

Artist: Brownz
Track: Think.

Hello fellow chillwavians!

I know it’s been a while but I’ve got a sweet track lined up for you. These chill beats are made by dubstep-producer Brownz. Now concerning dubstep I’m a total rookie, but if this is dubstep I really need to check out this subgenre.
Anyway if you live in Belgium you’ve got a good chance of seeing him perform live. Leuven-based and going to school in Brussels, this youngster  is in the prime of his DJ-life spinning decks about every weekend.
Make sure to check out his other work if you’re into dubstep. If not, he also has some other pretty chill tracks like Koï and Float

cemeteriyaki said: I'm not sure if you've ever posted about them but Fishing is a fantastic band!

No but they were also in a playlist another user sent me (wether-underground), so i will do a post about them fairly soon!

Go Exploring (submitted by Matt)

Go Exploring is all about cheerful indie-pop with an electro edge. A one man band crafting tunes late at night in his bedroom.
Debut album “Adventures” is a collection of 7 tunes which are pretty straight-forward, but at the same time very eclectic and experimental. You can listen here: http://goexploring.bandcamp.com/

Anonymous said: What are some of Trevor Powers' favourite movies?

Well he’s a big Tom Hanks fan. If i recall correctly his favorite is Castaway, followed by The Green Mile. I then told him my favourite movie and it turned out he also saw and love it. That one is called The Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry.


I kinda promised to myself that i would wait with the next post to do a proper one after the exams, but this just couldn’t wait. Youth Lagoon is most certainly one of my favourite artists. I saw them in februari 2012 in this lovely concert hall called De Rotonde. There was about 250 people there and i even had the chance to talk with Trevor Powers for a little bit after his gig. He was a genuinely nice guy, we even talked about favourite movies at one point. If you hadn’t already heard it, check out his first album, The Year of Hibernation, right here. 
I was expecting so much from his new album and boy did he deliver. It’s a tad more upbeat and less intimate than the work on his first album, which might make it less ‘chillwave’ I guess. But what do genres even mean. This music is perfect in these cold days and makes me long for the summer all that much more. His next album will be released on march 5th and has the magnificent title ‘Wondrous Bughouse’. I will be one to order it for sure and I hope this track can convince you guys as well!

As always stay fresh!

Big Tuna 

I don’t know what it is but I dig me some Justin Bieber samples!

And Kodak to Graph (awesome name right?) does a perfect job at sampling the Biebs! Combine that with the chopped up choir samples and a sick beat and you got on hell of a tune!


Here's an interview with the guy, he's genuinely cool! He's also got a new EP out which you can check out here.
That’s it! I’ll be busy next few days for school and partying on NYE so I’ll be out for a couple of days!

Enjoy the last few days of the year
and even with this weather: stay fresh! 

Big Tuna

Merry Christmas folks!

I chose a video today because I couldn’t separate what I saw from what I heard. This is truly one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I’ve ever heard and reduced me to tears in no time. I remember so vividly when I first saw these images. I couldn’t fully understand what was happening but logic wasn’t what drove my body at the time. It was a deep compassion that overwhelmed all else. A compassion that these images, which i hadn’t seen in a long time, together with this song awoke instantly.
Regardless of your religion, this is a time of year that makes you think. The days darken and now more than ever it is best not to look only to ourselves or even the people we care about. So much things in the world never went as planned and these events are one of them. Take the time to watch this video and listen to this song and if you’re as lucky as I was, you will find some inner peace for just a moment in the midst of this world rushing by.

This one is for all fallen heroes, exploring something most of mankind cannot grasp.

Artist: Flume
Track: Higher (original by Ta-Ku)

Here we are again with the latest post.

This one is a bit special, because it was submitted by one of you guys!
I already knew Flume, but I hadn’t heard this remix before. And man that is a sick beat! So thanks Lukas for sending me this dope track!
So don’t let this track by Flume lead you on, he ain’t always the chillest beatmaker out there. In fact most of his work has a certain schwung behind it. But damn does he drop some good hip-hop beats! He’s really up there with Ta-Ku and Hermitude. Blowing new life into the Aussie hip-hop scene, which in my opinion is really spawning some fresh stuff! Check out some of his original work here!

So to close of this post I have to show you some of the runner-ups for the chillwave competition. Sorry folks, better luck next time!

Stay fresh

Big Tuna 

ɢʌɴɢwʌʏs brought us an early christmas gift!

I know I recently blogged about ɢʌɴɢwʌʏs, but I didn’t want you guys missing out on a beauty like this one. He uploaded it something like 10 minutes so it doesn’t really get any fresher than that. 

That’s about it. Make sure to check out my facebook page since I’ve been spamming my personal page with posts about this blog I thought it would be better to make a page!


I know it’s a short post, but for the people who are still up this might be a good bedtime tune!

Enjoy your holidays!

Big Tuna